HI! Welcome to my Goofy little slice on the Inter Webs!

:3 Welcome To the Rat Playground, or the Rat Hideout- they're both good names and I can't decide which this shit is !! This was a long time coming, I always wanted my own site to mess around on but never had the ability to.. Well I know basic HTML, but not nearly enough to make THIS website as its seen here. I owe so much thanks to My dear friend Lily please look at her website!!

I'm not sure what else to put here for the time being, This will probably be an update log for major changes on the website or whatever!

Here is a selection of other social medias you can find me on that I use, somewhat regularly!

For any other social media places, Like mastodon- or if you're interested in commissioning me check out my carrd for info and message me on any of these social medias! (Click the smiley face!)